IN2CARE® 捕蚊子陷阱,過時了嗎?

IN2CARE® 捕蚊子陷阱,過時了嗎?

BG Gat2 與 IN2care 陷阱
BG Gat2 和 IN2care的捕蚊原理是相似的,大家都是藉著利用天然有機物(一些乾草、樹葉和有機物),去吸引(已吸血)蚊子到黑暗潮濕的陷阱中繁殖。

唯一設計上,BG Gat2 是模仿養殖場。其陷阱器中,有一塊"網布"去阻礙蚊產卵。加上,陷阱器有一塊高效捕蟲黏貼紙。令蚊子被困住在BG Gat內。

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IN2care與BG Gat2之分別

第一個分別 - 阻隔繁殖效果
與IN2Care相比,蚊子裝置內,充滿了活躍的游泳幼蟲,幾天后它們就會成長為成蚊。如果殺幼蟲劑的強度不足,難以殺死幼蟲,最後IN2Care裝置就會成為蚊子的另一個出血點。 蚊子問題將會更加嚴重。但
BG Gat2 具有細網布,可以避免蚊子產卵。因為網布令蚊子無法到達水面。 如下圖所示,水中沒有幼蟲。

二個分別 - 誘捕效果

由於In2Care陷阱內沒有殺死蚊子,形成自由進出。首先In2Care陷阱內的水中的殺幼蟲劑不夠強,幼蟲生長。其次,如果已沾有農藥的蚊子去另一個水源充足地方繁殖,其藥性又會被水淡化。BG Gat2 有貼紙來捕捉吸血蚊子。 一隻產卵的雌性可以消滅下一代30-300個後代。 從下面的圖可以看出,BG-GAT2 運行了 2 週,捕獲了 10 只以上產卵雌性,這意味著 300-3000 只下一代蚊子。 結果立竿見影且清晰可見。

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BG Gat2 vs IN2care passive trap
BG Gat2 and IN2care both have same strategy to attract mosquito to come and lay eggs. By using some hay and leave to create evaporate organic water vapor, it attracts blood fed mosquito fly over to the dark and humid trap to breed.

Frist difference is BG GAT2 has a fine mesh that avoid the mosquito really able to lay her eggs because they can’t reach the water. As you see below, there’s be no larvae in the water. Comparing to IN2Care, there’re full of active swimming larvae and they’ll grow to adult mosquito in few days. It becomes another mosquito bleeding site if the larvicide didn’t strong enough to kill the larvae. The mosquito problem will be worsened.

Second different is the trapping effectiveness, we have sticker to catch the blood fed mosquito. One egg-laying female can eliminate 30-300 offspring from the next generation. As you see from the below BG-GAT2 operate for 2 weeks, it caught 10+ egg-laying female, which means 300-3000 next gen mosquito. The result is immediate and clear to see. In2Care is free in and out. So, no mosquito is killed inside the trap. The result is highly uncertain and immeasurable, mainly 2 factor. First the larvicide on net or in water is not strong enough, larvae grows. Second, in case of their next breeding site water is plenty, their “pesticide contaminated” leg will unable to poison that much water.